… da transversalidade dos cartoons

Bert: Uh Ernie tell me. How do I look?
Ernie: With your eyes Bert. Keeheeheeheehee!
Bert: Ernie c’mon. You know I am going to the Pigeon Lover’s Party; its a big event and I want you to look at me and tell me how I look. (Ernie looks up to Bert and gasps twice) Yeah. Good huh? (Chuckles)
Ernie: Wait a minute. Now hold on. Gee Bert. You look different. In fact you don’t look at all like Bert. As a matter of fact, you’re not Bert!
Bert: Ernie? Of course I’m Bert. Who else would I be?
Ernie: I don’t know but you’re not Bert. Now step with me to this picture. That is a picture of Bert up there see? Now Bert wears a white turtleneck and a striped sweater and look at you. You’re wearing a tie and a jacket. And look at Bert. He has sticky up hair and look at you. Your hair is slumped down. See? You’re not Bert. (shouts) Bert? Where are you Bert? Bert!
Bert: Ernie knock it off.
Ernie: Listen, what have you done with my old buddy Bert?
Bert: Ernie, I am just wearing different clothes and I combed my hair different so that I can look nice for the party.
Ernie: Listen mister, whoever you are. What have you done with my old buddy Bert? You better bring back Bert here or I’ll call a missing Bert bureau.
Bert: All right. All right. I’ll show you. I am Bert. I’ll show you. Stay here and I’ll be back.
Ernie: There is only one Bert and I know what he looks like.
Bert: Okay here I am. (Comes in room in his sweater and normal hair) See?
Ernie: Bert it is you! Now step by the picture so I can make sure. Yes you have the same sticky up hair, turtleneck and striped sweater. Bert it is you!
Bert: Of course it is me Ernie!
Ernie: Wonderful. Hey Bert what are you doing right here? You have to get dressed and comb your hair. You can’t go to the pigeon lovers party looking like that Bert.

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